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There are almost 6 million businesses in the United States and most are underserved with software.

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By living in the small business world, you start to understand why so many companies are run with spreadsheets and word documents.  Much of the commercially available software can be either too expensive or too complex for many small businesses.

ERP 101 develops commercial software specifically for small companies that need more than a spreadsheet but do not want expensive or complex software.


ERP 101's software helps you do what you you've got to do, better.


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ERP 101 is a small business resource center first, software provider second.  Our blog, Tips from the Trenches, brings you contributors that share their business experience with you on topics and issues faced every day.  Subjects covered include:

  • Tips from small business owners.
  • Social media basics and success stories.
  • Safety information and OSHA related updates.

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