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Grounded in Small Business

Unless you have lived it, appreciating the culture of small companies is hard to grasp.  Wear 10 different hats?  Always doing 10 things at once?  That’s just a Thursday.  We get it.

The Tips From the Trenches contributors share your perspectives on business and marketing since they lived through the everyday life of competing as a small business.

They take that experience, combine it with empathy for the small company and deliver content designed to help with actual issues you face every day.  No one here reads minds but our goal is to bring you so much value, you might start to wonder if we can (we can’t).

Mark Groulx - Small business leader and ERP 101 blog contributor.

Mark Groulx

Senior business leader with 20 years experience as President and CEO.  Started two successful manufacturing companies.  See resume here.

His Focus: Small business tips and strategies regarding people, leadership, lean manufacturing, creative problem solving, operations, sales, marketing etc… he's been through all of it.

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Clayton Carroll is a contributor to the small business blog Tips from the Trenches by ERP 101.

Clayton Carroll

Sales and Marketing at ERP 101. Previously the national sales manager for a small manufacturing company.

His Focus: Social media basics and success stories.

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Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook: @claytonjay101

Gretchen is a contributor to the small business blog tips from the Trenches by ERP 101

Gretchen Groulx

As co-founder and CEO for 12 years at her previous equipment manufacturing company, she did everything except weld. She knows her stuff.

Her Focus: Small business operations, tips and strategies.

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