80% of People Spend Most of Their Time Working on the Wrong Stuff

80 percent of people spend most of their time working on the wrong stuff

I hate starting anything with a quote.

But, this one deserves it:

80% of people spend most of their time working on the wrong stuff.

Why Do I Bring This Up?

I am in the 80%.

I run all blog and video ideas by several people that bring a healthy dose of reality to everything. My intended audience ranges from small business people and owners that get confused by digital marketing to those that are smarter and have way more experience than me.

Hence, the focus on digital marketing success stories.

The stories teach, not me. We can all learn from digital marketing success stories, regardless of our experience level.

What Does it Mean to Follow Someone on Instagram?

I was reviewing a new digital marketing success story with someone last week and they asked the question “what does it mean to follow someone on Instagram?”

What?! Doesn’t everyone know what that means?

Kermit the frog says no

I came to a harsh realization my focus was not on the right thing.

If I do not put out blogs and videos addressing the most basic things about digital marketing and social media, how can I hope to reach those confused by this stuff?

My Unique Position

I worked at a small manufacturing company for almost six years and interacted with almost every type of person. Those that knew everything about technology to those that didn’t.

This gives me a healthy perspective on things I had lost sight of: many people are confused by technology and social media in general.

My Focus For Right Now

Put digital marketing success stories on hold and create a resource library that covers the basics of social media and internet marketing.

I have a big heart for anyone at a small company. Because I get it. You do almost everything and it’s hard to get to anything.

You look down, look up and the clock says 4:15 pm. Did I even eat today?

I want to reach these folks because I know what it’s like.

Is There a Lesson in This For Others?


Here’s what I know: I missed the mark and now it is time to correct that.

The Digital Marketing Community

The community of digital marketers I have met is unbelievable. So many people are very supportive.

BUT, and it’s a big but, honesty is prized above everything. Be honest about who you are, when you fail and when you succeed. When others fail or succeed, we all learn.

So the community can grow together.

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Even though I write this on every post, thanks for reading.