Be Authentic in the Digital Space

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The great thing about the internet and social media is that people from all different backgrounds, walks of life, sets of experiences, countries etc… can contribute to any discussion. There has never been a platform of such scale where news can reach around the world and millions of people can give their opinion. Because we have access to such a vast number of viewpoints and opinions, the internet has a way of balancing the scales. What do I mean by this?

Be Authentic In The Digital Space Or You Risk Getting Exposed (And You Will)

Find Your Unique Digital Voice

The best thought leaders I follow stand out by having a unique voice that brings value. You hang on their every word because at any moment they could give you that breakthrough idea. These are the folks that are so compelling, you could hear them give the same talk 5 times and still learn something.

The best companies do this with their marketing, online or offline. I don’t buy Nike basketball shoes because I love Nike, I buy them because Kobe was a great player and I want his shoe. Nike can do this because not only do they have a unique angle, with a quality product, but they also enhance my life. I get to feel like Kobe on the basketball court and I get a great shoe.

Kobe basketball shoes (best basketball shoes I've ever used)

Being Authentic and Real

We gravitate towards certain people because they are authentic and real. The internet does not make someone real, it just amplifies the good or bad traits of a person. Jerks in real life tend to be jerks on the internet. Because of the internet, has there ever been a better time in history where you can weed out fake people or companies so easily? We all have world class BS meters from having been exposed to the internet for years. I can’t stress enough the need for authenticity because the internet is such a ruthless place.

The Rec League All Star

On Twitter a month ago, someone was calling out the professional basketball player Jared Dudley.  This person said they could beat Dudley one on one.

Rec league all star challenging Jared Dudley to 1 on 1

This person said they could beat Dudley one on one. Eventually this got to Dudley and he responded to the “rec league all star” (great title someone gave him)

Jared Dudley tweet to the rec league all star
I’ll play you for 5k! Your ball I’ll spot you 5pts. If you have a girl bring her so she can see you get embarrassed.

It was funny seeing the professional player and the rest of Twitter dismantle this phony for trying to be someone he’s not. You knew this guy would never play Dudley and if he did, Dudley would destroy him (see video of Brian Scalabrine, the white mamba, playing people one on one).

What The Rec League All Star Teaches Us

People or businesses pretending to be something they are not, in real life or on the internet, will get exposed and get embarrassed. I found an article on the guy challenging Dudley. Turns out he was in high school and mainly came off the bench last basketball season. Jared Dudley just signed a contract for $30 million dollars with the Phoenix Suns, would anybody really believe that a high school player could beat him? When you have the eyes of the world on you, don’t lie about who you are. Own your flaws and turn them into strengths.

Why I Started Learn as I Learn

I started Learn as I Learn — Digital Marketing because I’m new to digital marketing. My flaw is I don’t know much about internet and social media marketing. I know that if others want to learn digital marketing, particularly those without a lot of time, I can bring some value to them with quick, basic lessons. Digital marketing is difficult, if you learn as I learn and we both gain a little more knowledge, we both win.

Header image for Learn as I Learn Digital Marketing

If this blog and the YouTube channel were named “Learn From the Expert About Digital Marketing”, I could never keep up the charade. I would get exposed. If you truly are “an expert”, then you better know everything and know it well (which I don’t).

Listen to Gary Vee

Gary Vaynerchuk has a great vlog (video blog) called DailyVee. Episode 47 is titled “Fake it Till You Make it” in which Gary says

Faking until you make it worked when nobody was watching…So many of you are projecting a personality in social and it just really matters that there’s something behind it…There’s a very big distinction between I’m going through the journey of becoming this and I am this, and way too many of you are saying I am this and nobody believes you.

How I started Learn as I Learn

Watching that DailyVee episode prompted me to start Learn as I Learn — Digital Marketing. I had struggled for a while on how to find my voice when everyone seems to be an expert. I knew from Gary that my own unique voice had to involve my journey. So it hit me one night, just be honest! Take people along on your journey and maybe they will learn something too.

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