Why I’m a Gary Vee Fanboy

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There are certain people you find in life that inspire you to be a better version of yourself. My wife is that person for me. She is always pushing me, helping me and motivating me. She makes me want to be better and encourages me to be better. I am so blessed to have found her. There are other people I know that inspire me as well. One person I don’t know but is very prominent in the digital marketing world is Gary Vaynerchuk. This is about:

Why I’m a Gary Vee Fanboy and You Should Be Too

Gary Vee in Context

Gary’s approach to life is one to model. His actual business sense and wisdom are on another level. He has done the following:

  1. Took over his father’s $3 million wine business and turned it into a $60 million business in just five years. During this time he: started Wine Library TV as one of the first YouTube channels, did email marketing before most people were doing it (over 80% open rate), first person to use the keyword “wine” on Google Adwords before it became huge, started one of the first online wine e-commerce businesses.
  2. Started VaynerMedia in 2009 and has grown it to a $100 million company with over 500 employees (they keep growing and growing).
  3. Gary preached the value of Snapchat as a platform back in 2013 before it exploded to have 150 million active users.
  4. Co-founded VaynerRSE, a $25 million investment fund.

Why I Follow Gary Vee

I follow Gary Vee because he gives out incredible business and digital marketing advice. He is on the cutting edge of what works and what doesn’t with the internet and social media. If you follow him, especially on Snapchat or his DailyVee vlog, you will get his insights as they happen. That’s the biggest value Gary provides, dropping knowledge off the cuff.

Part of what makes Gary so knowledgable is his line of work. Gary’s company, VaynerMedia, is a full service creative shop that also does digital marketing. Gary has access to business case studies in real time. He shares what works and what doesn’t for making his clients money. He has his head in the clouds and feet in the dirt. This make his advice potent because he embodies “practice what you preach”.

Logo for digital first marketing agency VaynerMedia

Every time I watch Gary, I learn something. Whether it’s about Facebook Live or how a business can leverage Snapchat. His talent for storytelling, makes him fun to watch. His wisdom for digital marketing, makes his content compelling to consume. You will get better at business and digital marketing by following him.

Gary’s Personality

Gary has a personality that makes you want to listen. He has incredible charisma because of his honesty and gratitude. Gary’s gratitude is simply infectious. You can’t help but be optimistic by watching him. Without even thinking about it, I tell people to stop being so down or pessimistic. Be optimistic! We are all so more blessed than we realize.

Gary Vaynerchuk quote on how happiness drives everything

Vayner Nation

If you listen to Gary talk long enough, he will mention Vayner Nation. Vayner Nation is just what it sounds like, a nation of Gary Vee fans. You will see them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, on the street, at a conference, almost anywhere. These are people you might even know. People that love the message, wisdom and optimism that Gary promotes.

Vayner nation sweatband

Vayner nation sweatband

Quite routinely, within 30 seconds of sending out a tweet, there will be 10 people that have commented on it, liked it and several have retweeted it. Gary really loves everyone and they love him back. If you follow any of the content he puts out (articles, videos, podcasts, tweets, Facebook posts etc…) he is always engaging with fans (over 140k tweets total). It astonishes me how gracious he is, even when criticized. Gary is ruthlessly optimistic and runs on gratitude.

Running 100% on Gratitude

I want to highlight two examples where Gary talks about his gratitude. First, he has gratitude for simply being born a human. As he says, “Do you know how rare it is to become a human…I mean the math around becoming a human is insane”. Second, he has gratitude of being an immigrant born in the Soviet Union. Gary was traded to the United States in 1978 for wheat, when no one was getting out of The Soviet Union (How I Stay Focused video on Facebook).

Gary Vee quote on cherishing your loved ones

These two examples and many others give Gary gratitude, which prompts him to say:

“I’m completely, utterly, 100% driven by gratitude”.

Gary is quite possibly the most optimistic and real person you will ever see. On the internet or anywhere else. His zeal for life and passion for business are so inspiring, you can’t help but carpe diem the crap out of every day.

Best Ways to Follow Gary Vee

You can subscribe to his weekly email, follow him on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Musical.ly. I love following him on Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube. His DailyVee and #AskGaryVee show videos are great ways to see what he is about. You get to look into his head on Snapchat and Twitter, because he is responding in real time. If you watch Gary’s videos, you will want to go out and crush it (he wrote the book on crushing it).

Gary Vaynerchuk book Crush It

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