Make Internet and Social Media Marketing a Priority

I am just starting to learn digital marketing / e-marketing and it is an overwhelming topic. Starting at the beginning of anything can be scary, especially when you stake your future on it. I decided recently on a career shift from traditional sales and marketing to internet and social media marketing. I am making this change because I had a realization one day:

Make digital marketing a priority — It is the present and the future of marketing

Digital Marketing Content

If your company is interested in digital marketing or you just want to learn more about it, my goal is to help you out. I will be releasing content (blog posts and videos) related to what I am learning about digital marketing. You can find my YouTube channel here.

About Me

For almost the last six years, I worked at a small manufacturing company in the following areas:

  1. Sales and marketing
  2. Market research
  3. Order entry
  4. Creating production work orders and plant scheduling
  5. Physical demonstrations
  6. On-site training and more.

Do You Ever Have Time in Small Business?

I have lived through small business and what it is like when you don’t have time. It’s exciting and can be overwhelming. Small business is so fast paced and you get to do so much cool stuff. When you have a smaller team, there is only so much you can get to in one day. You prioritize some things over others because if you don’t, your competitors will eat your lunch.

I bring this up because I think it’s harder to prioritize digital marketing in smaller companies. It’s a more abstract concept, harder to measure and you have less people to carry out tasks. With social media, it is still somewhat new for very small businesses and things are always changing. Can you really use Facebook or Instagram to sell more product? Seems like a stretch right?

What Happens in One Minute on the Internet?

Internet and social media marketing is not a drop everything and do it now priority but something that should get on your list. At least eventually it should become a priority. This infographic by Excelacom summarizes why I think no matter what is going on in your business, digital marketing matters:

The internet minute by  Excelacom

The internet minute by Excelacom

Are you familiar with Twitter? Based on this infographic, there are about 500 million tweets sent out every day. What about Snapchat? There are almost 760 million photos shared a day. On Youtube, the most watched video of all time (as of right now it’s Gagnam Style by Psy) has 2.6 billion views. The potential reach and scale of your marketing when you embrace the idea of sharing stuff on social media or promoting your website is huge.

The Market is Calling You to Digital Marketing

The lesson from the internet minute: The market is calling you to digital marketing. So much of our attention now goes through an internet connection or cell phone, shouldn’t marketing focus on that as well?

A wonderful guy that I started following, Gary Vaynerchuk, once said to look around anywhere you go and you will see the majority of people (including myself) are on their phones. Most people are using social media, playing a game, watching Netflix, reading the news, listening to music, browsing the internet etc… Since our culture is so digital, listen to the market and follow the eyeballs.

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Even though I write this on every post, thanks for reading.