Basecamp’s Twitter Customer Service Win

Basecamp has excellent customer service on Twitter

We all agree that customer service is important but does that drive everyone's actions?

I wrote before about customer service and its importance on social media. Basecamp has embraced this concept with Twitter.

I have the tweets to prove it.

Basecamp’s Twitter Account Showcases Customer Service

Basecamp’s support page says if a question is tweeted, it will receive an instant reply.

Basecamp's help guide on their website asks you to tweet them questions

I thought no way and tweeted at them to test response time.

I was expecting a response in about an hour. They responded in 10 minutes.

I was stunned.

32% of customers expect a response within thirty minutes of their social media question/complaint so 10 minutes is instant.

Not an Isolated Incident

Does Basecamp always respond instantly? Yes.

According to a random sample of Basecamp’s Twitter timeline, I found even faster response times:

8 minute response time

6 minute response time

7 minute response time

Impact on Me as a Customer

I am an even happier with Basecamp. They answered my nagging question instantly and even if it cost less, why would I use any other online collaboration tool? Basecamp has my trust and business.

Experiences like this are why 80% of customers say they would pay more for better customer service.

How Can Your Business Execute Customer Service Like Basecamp?

  1. Embrace customer service on social media (see Basecamp’s support page as an example) and encourage customers to tweet their questions
  2. Set up Twitter phone application or email alerts that will monitor direct company mentions (@companyname). These direct mentions will show up in Twitter notifications (very bottom of the phone application and top of the browser on desktop).
  3. Occasionally search indirect company mentions on Twitter with the free Google Alerts and Social Mention tools. An indirect mention is when someone tweets a company’s name without the @ symbol so it does not show up in Twitter notifications.


Less than a week after writing about Basecamp’s awesome Twitter customer service, they mailed me a handwritten letter thanking me for being a great Basecamp customer. They nailed it again.

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