The Slightly New Video Sharing Platform Vidme

The new social media network for sharing videos Vidme

Looking for an edge?

Anyone that has heard Mark Schaefer talk about “content shock” or Gary Vaynerchuk’s slogan “I day trade attention” knows there’s a ton of content out there and if someone is going to care about your products or service, you first have to reach them.

Introducing Vidme

Vidme ( is a video sharing social network very similar to YouTube. Vidme has been growing since it was founded in 2009.

In September 2016, Vidme got a lot of people’s attention with a very well timed video.

What Happened in September 2016?

YouTube stepped up enforcement guidelines about objectionable content and blocked prominent YouTube channels from making money off certain videos. This instigated a backlash from some very large YouTube personalities.

The most prominent, Philip DeFranco, has over 5 million YouTube subscribers and over 1 million Facebook fans. Through the help of influencers like Philip, this controversy spread all over social media and received a lot of media attention.

In the middle of the controversy, Vidme released a well timed, very graphic video poking fun of YouTube’s reported censorship.

WARNING: Graphic language.

Long story short, it worked really well.

The video’s timeliness and content made it go viral on Vidme where it now has almost 1.5 million views. Vidme’s growth was boosted even more. I first found out about Vidme during this controversy but did not join the platform until January 2017.

How Can Your Business Use Vidme?

Any videos uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc… can also be shared on Vidme. Any video previously shared on social media can also be uploaded to Vidme.

Why Also Upload Your Videos to Vidme?

  1. Accesses Vidme’s built-in audience of roughly 10 million monthly visitors — increases chance people will find your business*.
  2. Takes only 5–10 extra minutes, when also posting to YouTube.

While uploading a video to YouTube or Facebook, copy the description and upload the same video to Vidme.

*Even though the audience is limited (relative to YouTube), five extra minutes for a little more exposure is definitely worth it. Some Vidme community members, known as “Vidizens”, might find your videos, share it with their friends and lead to potential business opportunities that might not otherwise happen.

Creating a Vidme Account is Easy

  1. Visit on a computer or download the mobile app.
  2. From a computer, click “Sign up” at the top right of the screen.
  3. Enter your information and you have a Vidme account.

Tip: This is similar to setting up a YouTube channel except you do not need a Gmail account.

Should I Get “Verified” After Creating an Account?


Once you have uploaded some original videos, I would recommend you apply to get your Vidme account verified. Here is a link to the submission form.

Once your account gets verified, a purple check will appear next to your account’s logo on the Vidme mobile app.

Why Should I Get My Account Verified?

Tips from the Trenches verified channel on the social video sharing network vidme

Tips from the Trenches verified channel on the social video sharing network vidme

There are many advantages but highlights include the following:

  1. Videos have better chance of discovery in search.
  2. No limit on upload length of videos.
  3. Video playback will be in full 1080p HD.

Tip: Here is a link to the Vidme website where they go more in depth on it.

Vidme Tip: Use Hashtags

use hashtags when sharing to the video platform vidme

Use hashtags when writing a video’s description. By hashtag, I mean # then a word or some combination of words relevant to your video. For example, on each of my videos, I have the hashtag “#DigitalMarketing”. This way, anyone searching that topic will hopefully find my videos.

Last Thoughts

Vidme has limited attention compared to Facebook, YouTube or Instagram. However, since it takes barely any extra time, it’s worth it for extra exposure.

There are 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. Even though there are a lot less people, it’s much easier to get discovered on Vidme than YouTube.

If Vidme does get to the scale of larger social networks, you already have an established presence that gives you an advantage over any competitor that comes there after you. Similar to what I wrote about Gab here.

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