Learn as I Learn — Digital Marketing is Now Part of Tips from the Trenches

Tips from the Trenches blog by ERP 101 for social media success stories

I started Learn as I Learn — Digital Marketing in July 2016 to do two things:

  1. Learn digital marketing while I practiced putting out content.
  2. Provide value to small business owners and employees.

I wrote back in July my goal was to learn everything I could about digital and social media marketing. Hopefully, I also could help other small business people along the way.

I did not know where it would lead but knew my passion for very small business would not stop with just a blog.

What is Tips from the Trenches?

Small business resource center for Tips from the Trenches by ERP 101

A small business resource center that focuses on helping small companies solve problems they face every day. I will still concentrate on digital and social media marketing but, by teaming up with very experienced small business owners, Tips from the Trenches will provide:

  1. Tips from small business owners.
  2. Social media basics and digital marketing success stories.
  3. Safety information and OSHA related updates.

Tips from the Trenches is put out by the software company ERP 101.

Tips from the Trenches small business blog by ERP 101


I share social media basics and success stories.

Even though I write this on every post, thanks for reading.