Unleash Your Inner Vixen (Especially if You’re a Dude - Part 2)

Unleash your inner vixen article on social media, marketing and business principles

This one is for all the fellas (and ladies) out there.

My last post covered my email interview with Anne Giordano around her makeup company The Vixen Unleashed and its quick website growth.

Here is my take on what she shared.


  1. Online and offline “social media” connects you with customers.
  2. Why makeup means more than pretty colors to Vixen.
  3. Caring Always Counts.

Theme 1: Online and Offline “Social Media” Connects You With Customers

Most interactions take place through a phone or computer. Whether it’s a phone call, message or email, that’s how we communicate in 2017.

One of the key’s to Anne’s early website growth was making personal connections with dealers and customers where they gathered prior to launching her products. Anne identified a customer watering hole, house parties, and demonstrated more than just blush. She spoke to what they really wanted.

Not just another champagne pop lip gloss, although that’s nice too, but a way to feel real. Beautiful. Confident.

By knowing her customers and speaking to they really wanted, Anne formed relationships that easily carried over to the internet and social media. When The Vixen Unleashed website launched, almost 90,000 people visited in the first month.

Theme 2: Why Makeup Means More Than Pretty Colors to Vixen.

It will leave you sick to your stomach.

Realizing your marketing message(s) is not speaking to what your customers really care about. It’s harder to differentiate and customers don’t really know why they should care.

Anne scanned her industry and the people in it. She noticed something. It seemed as though every company was focused on outer beauty. I know, I know, it’s makeup, it’s literally all about outer beauty. But it’s not.

I’ve been married for seven years and can tell you that to women (I’m taking a bit of a risk here), makeup is not about makeup. It’s about how it makes that person feel, how they think others see them, how it brings them confidence in a world increasing obsessed over the minutia in physical appearance.

Vixen Unleashed speaks to this in women because it’s not just true, it’s a point of differentiation. By speaking to the women that fight the daily battle of lacking confidence (most of us), Vixen engages their customers to live the most beautiful version of themselves.

Vixen cosmetics are positioned for women who want pretty colors AND something to give them the confidence they need to live their best life.

Theme 3: Caring Always Counts

This theme is simple: caring does not go unnoticed.

Whether it’s your relationships with other people or customers, we crave others to really care about us.

You can tell from the interview and what I’ve written here that Anne really cares about her customers. The advantage of this is fairly obvious:

  • The more a company really cares about their customers, the more they help them.
  • The more they help them, the more a customer wants to do business with them.
  • The more a customer wants to do business with them, the more business they get.

Final Thoughts

Connect. Know. Care.

These aren’t just principles in business but also in life.

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