Unleash Your Inner Vixen (Especially if You’re a Dude - Part 1)

Unleash your inner vixen article on social media and vixen cosmetics founder Anne Giordano

This week’s social media success story is about the woman behind Vixen Cosmetics, Anne Giordano.

What We Learn From Anne: How to connect with customers and build real fans in person and on social media.

Example: At less than one month old, Vixen Cosmetics’ website got 83,775 visitors.

The Story Behind the Story

Anne caught my attention when Gary Vaynerchuk shared her Instagram comment in January 2017. Apparently, her less than one month old website had attracted a strangely high amount of traffic.

Immediately intrigued, I messaged Anne. She graciously agreed to answer my questions and provide insight into her thinking about social media and marketing her company in general.

The Next Post

Since my email exchange with Anne has awesome content but is somewhat lengthy, I will be writing a separate post where I take a deeper dive into the knowledge Anne shared.

The Interview

Here is my email exchange with Anne around growing her website’s traffic, branding and empowering customers to unleash their inner vixen (and be your biggest fans).

Question: You attracted 83,775 website views with a website that is less than a month old. How do you think you accomplished that? In other words, what specific lessons could another small business learn from your success and replicate?

I had the social media in place for a year before the website went live. I do believe that pre-selling is very important. Sell even if you are not really ready. I made connections with followers showing them what was coming soon. I promoted my Cosmetics locally at salons and beauty shows and house parties. 

I live in New York, and making industry connections here is a must. When my website went live, it was highly anticipated. The people who knew of the Vixen Unleashed brand had already purchased products at events, made a personal connection with us. The word of mouth about what our company represents built community beforehand. Women bond at house parties over wine, personal stories and of course, makeup.

I believe that making personal connections is absolutely key. Storytelling is key. Listening to potential customers is key. I personally met so many people at house parties, and they opened up to me by sharing their stories of struggle, looking to me to help them. I was there to sell lipstick but the house parties became so much more. I was able to look people in the eye and share my story. Standing for something of substance is key. Having high quality products is also key. Give products away . Highlight customers by name and story! Remember people. Make these people matter to you.


Question: You mentioned that you noticed a common thread among other competitors, what was that? Also, how did you figure it out and how do you stand out?

The cosmetics industry is extremely competitive! I would watch you tube tutorials, look at makeup bloggers accounts and see the same thing over and over… everyone in the world of makeup artistry loves Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics… everyone loves Mac, and all the big names… everyone addresses outer beauty. Every blogger focuses on how THEY look in the product. 

I believe this is important…but….I saw lots of pretty faces, but knew no one’s story. Every face putting makeup on you tube was young, flawless and stunning. But… I thought, what about the women fighting battles, what about the women who need to feel beautiful. To feel real? What about women like that? I wanted to be a voice for theses women.

Also.. many to brands manufacture in China, Vietnam … also they use harsh Parabens and ingredients and test on animals. We offer Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, Gluten free and Vegan products made proudly in the USA!


Question: If you had to describe your content strategy strategically, what is the central theme that dictates what type of content you create? Also, how did you come up with that theme?

My content strategy is to appeal to the voice inside every woman, to build confidence and self esteem. To make this woman feel sexy, confident and beautiful. I am just really being me. My strategy is to help and inspire. Make makeup mean more than pretty colors.


Question: Again regarding your content strategy, how would you explain it to another small business that wants to learn how to be successful with attracting customers? Are you publishing content for each social network or do you only focus on a few?

Find your own voice in your brand. It must be authentic to you, people appreciate this more than you know! We have FB and Snapchat and Pinterest. Our main goal at the moment is to build our IG community, as where that is where many makeup artists/enthusiasts network. Jab, Jab hook, thank you Gary Vaynerchuck! Bring value to your followers often… quotes, jokes… not just sell, sell sell…. Also you need to like and comment on the posts you follow… even if it is of a competitors product. Be a real viable follower to them bring value to them whenever you can. Humanize your brand!!!!!


Question: What do you think has been your single most successful social media tactic so far to attract customers to your website or to get people attracted to your company on social media?

I think it is because I do humanize my brand .. it really is so much a part of me, my journey, experiences, wisdom, joy after the pain I endured , I believe it is because I connect with people… I want my story genuinely to help people down in their core. I am also a teacher for 22 years changing careers… I love building people up, teaching and motivating. I try to do so with my posts and blog.


Question: If a company wanted to “humanize” itself and connect with customers on a deeper level, what would be your advice for them and what has worked well for you? 

Our company is named Vixen Cosmetics, LLC but our brand is Vixen Unleashed…. out IG is @thevixenunleashed. We’ve created a character, a personality.. a muse… something or someone who has a voice that speaks to them . What worked well for me is that I truly am the Vixen Unleashed. I’m just operating from my heart. It just comes naturally to me this way. I only do things authentically. Never fake or deceiving.


Question: You mentioned in a Facebook post that your company is rooted in the idea that someone should live authentically to be the most beautiful version of themselves. Would you say that Vixen Cosmetics does not sell make up and cosmetics, Vixen provides a way for someone to live that way every day?

Absolutely that is very much our mission. To create a community of people and to support them as they learn to live authentically.. to follow their heart, to listen to their inner voice.

Lastly, what is one thing you would say to all the small business owners out there who are not sure about using social media or digital marketing to reach their customers Give it a try ! Pick one media and start there. Follow people even if the don’t follow back right away. Like and comment on posts… use #hashtags for all relevant topics… search #hashtags for people to follow. We are still growing.. we are still young and new to this… Create content, it is fun!!! Have fun with it! Use your inner voice!

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