Everlane Lights Up Instagram Stories

Everlane shares Instagram Stories social media marketing example during Christmas

This week’s digital marketing success story is about the clothing company Everlane.

What We Learn From Everlane: How to create an engaging Instagram Story your audience will promote.

Example: Their Christmas time story “Five Random Acts of Kindness: Holiday Edition”.

Everlane five random acts of kindness screen shot on Instagram Stories

In this story created with Instagram Stories (shared also to Snapchat), a few members of the Everlane social media team went around San Francisco and performed the following random acts of kindness for complete strangers:

  1. Bought someone tacos.
  2. Gave away a hat.
  3. Bought someone baked goods.
  4. Gave away flowers.
  5. Gave away a backpack.

They documented each act with one video leading up to the act and another video of the actual act itself.

At the very end of the story, they challenged their followers to perform a random act of kindness, record it on Instagram Stories and “tag” (tag is explained below) @Everlane in the description. By tagging Everlane, that creates a link within an Instagram Story which a user can press and be taken directly to Everlane’s Instagram account.

Tag us in your Instagram Story from Everlane during Christmas

Additionally, they also shared this picture at the very end to drive home the “tagging” point.

Everlane reminds people on Instagram Stories to share the Christmas spirit

Tip: To “tag” someone in a picture or video shared with Instagram Stories, do the following:

  1. Take a picture or video with Instagram Stories.
  2. Press the Aa icon at the top right of the screen.
  3. Type “@everlane” and press their name and picture when it shows up above the keyboard.
  4. The name “@everlane” will now be underlined and they will get a notification that you have mentioned them in your story.

Why Was Was Everlane’s Instagram Story Effective?

  1. Contained timely, engaging content — a story about random acts of kindness is compelling any time of year but especially during the Christmas season.
  2. Very effective branding — seeing members of their company perform random acts of kindness can only enhance your view of Everlane.
  3. Used relevant call to action for followers to promote Everlane — not only are followers motived to do some good by such a clever idea but they also can’t help but promote Everlane by tagging them in their story.

The Bigger Picture: Use Everlane’s Method to Gain More Exposure on Instagram or Snapchat

Think of some ideas similar to Everlane’s random acts of kindness, or just directly copy them, and at the end of the story say “do this also and tag us in your story”.

Here are some examples:

  1. Approach random people on the street around Thanksgiving and ask them what they are thankful for. Then, ask your followers to record what they are thankful for and tag your business in an Instagram Story.
  2. Have random people around your office each tell a funny story that happened to them. Then, ask your followers to record a funny story that’s happened to them and tag your business in their Instagram Story.
  3. Record a story of either yourself or others in your office talking about what drives your company or what makes your culture tick. Then, ask your followers to record what drives or motivates them and tag your business in their Instagram Story.

It really does not matter the idea. Everlane’s example works because it was a good thing to do and easily repeatable by the audience.

Other Thoughts

Follow Everlane on Instagram Stories and Snapchat

Follow everlane on social media through Snapchat and Instagram at @everlane

Some of the best basketball advice I ever heard growing up was:

Play with people better than you.

You not only learn but have to step up your game to stay competitive.

Everlane is a better player than most companies at communicating with Snapchat and Instagram Stories. Following them will give you real business examples of how to promote your company with storytelling.

Even if you never plan on buying their clothes (me), you will step up your Instagram Stories and Snapchat game just from watching them.

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Big thanks to Carlos Gil for telling me to follow Everlane.

Even though I write this on every post, thanks for reading.