Get Exposure By Giving Exposure

Article about Carlos Gil's Facebook expert round up post

This week’s digital marketing success story is about Carlos Gil’s expert roundup blog post that teaches how to get exposure by giving exposure.

What is an Expert Roundup Post?

A type of blog post that features contributions from multiple experts in a given field. Typically, the experts comment on a particular topic or answer a few questions.

Click here for an in-depth guide on expert roundup posts.

What We Learn From Carlos Gil: How to write a blog post with shareability in its DNA and get exposure to an influencer’s fans.

Example: Carlos’ blog post Social Media Marketing: 50+ Predictions for 2017.

This post featured 50 social media marketing experts that answered these two questions:

  1. What is your 2017 social media prediction?
  2. What is the most important social network?

Why was Carlos’ Post Effective?

It got him access to many different networks of the expert and influencer contributors.

When another person, publication, organization etc… promotes you, it’s almost impossible not to share that with friends and your personal network. When I asked Carlos about it later he said the following:

“That’s personal branding…When you see your name in a headline, you want to tell people about it.”

Facebook Post Promoting the Article

Facebook post by Carlos Gil for social media marketing predictions in 2017

The original post got 34 shares just on Facebook but others also posted the article directly to their Facebook wall and tagged Carlos (you see his name in blue in the post descriptions, this is explained below). These shares happened before Carlos even promoted the article or let the contributors know it was published.

Every one of the 50 expert contributors in the post was incentivized to share this post on their own and many did.

Facebook post by Jessika Phillips sharing the social media marketing predictions
Mitch Jackson shared Social media marketing predictions article to his Facebook feed
Melonie Dodaro shares Facebook article on 2017 social media marketing predictions

The Bigger Picture: Expert Roundups Get a Lot of Exposure AND Provide Value

You can see based on David Dyer’s comment above why posts like these are popular to consume. You have a network or experts concentrated in one article, around one topic. That’s pretty valuable when done well.

Since Carlos is providing a lot of value, any exposure he gets will be more meaningful. This post has a lot better chance of increasing his network of followers than a similar post “My 50+ predictions for 2017”.

Other Thoughts

“Tagging” Roundup Contributors to Increase Facebook Shares

At the top of Carlos’ post, it says “With Vincenzo M Landino and 64 others.”

Carlos Gil original article shared to Facebook about social media marketing

Carlos tagged contributors and others so each person received a Facebook notification about the Facebook post / article. Each tagged person can either allow the post to show up in their Facebook feed or share the original post.

To do that from a computer, do the following:

  • From your personal Facebook profile, click the box that says “What’s on your mind?”
Facebook status box
  • Type in the post description and paste the link to your article.
Tagging a contributor on an article in Facebook
  • Click the person + icon at the bottom left of the box.
Tag someone in your Facebook post
  • Start typing in the name of someone you want to tag.
Tagging Carlos Gil in Social Media Marketing predictions article
  • Select the person you would like to tag and continue until you have tagged everyone on your list.
Adding Carlos Gil to my Facebook post

Tip: You can also mention specific people in the description of the Facebook post. To do so, type the @ symbol followed by a person’s name and select their name from the drop down menu.

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A Caveat on Round Up Posts

Some people are not fans of the round up post, for good reason. Round ups can be done badly and end up going the way of “click bait” article titles -> 7 dieting myths to blow your mind — number 3 will shock you!

This gives everyone an opportunity to stand out. When done well, round up posts can be provide valuable exposure for you and value for your audience. Writing an expert round up post with your customer experience in mind, instead of which dieting myth will shock them, probably produces better results.

For really good insight and a twist on round up posts, read Rand Fishkin’s Whiteboard Friday video/article here.